ProjectsAthletics 360: We want to train a generation of athletes who love athletics

We are happy to talk to you about two great news. First of all, our club will soon become a member of the Romanian Athletics Federation. This affiliation will allow us to register our athletes in the athletics competitions part of the Romanian Athletics Federation calendar, offering the opportunity to gain competitive experience.

Closely related to this news we have one more. We have launched one of the most ambitious projects we are currently working on, Athletics 360, a project whose goal is to train a new generation of athletes, a generation that will grow with us and that does not carry on its shoulders the pressure of results, a generation that comes to training with impatience and joy.

It is a unique project in Romania, because within it we have planned and punctually planned the steps we must follow to shape today’s children, who will become tomorrow’s professionals.

“The concept is not new in countries such as Australia, Great Britain or the United States, out of the desire to develop children in harmony. It’s about those who practice athletics and who should not be pushed to perform in the first years of practice,” said Valentin Georgescu, president Seven Sport Club.

Athletics 360 is a sports program that aims at the gradual development of children, starting from games and going through specific stages of physical training and techniques of running athletics tests.

„Children who come to Athletics 360 do not need a sports background. We will first of all follow the development of motor qualities, which are vital in any athletics event „, says Valentin Georgescu.

Therefore, children enrolled in the athletics section of Seven Sport Club will practice all disciplines of athletics, running, jumping and throwing.

„This specialization comes after an experience of up to 4-6 years in athletics, at which point we will be able to decide which of the athlete’s qualities directs him to a certain discipline”, says Paraschiv Eftimie, the athletics coordinating coach within Seven Sport Club.

Athletics 360 contains several main modules, which will be pursued by all categories of athletes: physical training, technique and lifestyle.

Physical training has an important role in the sports life of children who participate in Seven Sport Club training.

„It helps them develop harmoniously and acquire skills such as speed, skill, endurance, strength, mobility and balance,” says Paraschiv Eftimie.

The technique is acquired in parallel with physical training. Childhood age is the most suitable for learning the technique in athletics and we start as a game, so that the little ones can learn all the technical aspects with pleasure.

In terms of lifestyle, we are convinced that if the little ones like what they do in our athletics classes, balanced and healthy behavior will be perpetuated in future adults.

„We pay special attention to our lifestyle. When preparing for training or sports camps is one of our main goals, because it has a very important impact on the future of our children. On each occasion we discuss with the little ones the topics of nutrition, examples from the history of athletics, what sportsmanship means, teamwork and respect for those around us, for opponents „, says Valentin Georgescu.

Seven Sport Club currently trains only one group of children, but in the future, we want to develop several groups. The ideal group has 12 children, so that each athlete has the attention of the coach and has dead time during training.

Currently, a coach and an assistant work at Seven Sport Club, and by 2020 we aim to increase our staff to three coaches and two assistants.

Coordinating coachParaschiv Eftimie

The coordinating coach within Seven Sport Club is Paraschiv Eftimie, former performance athlete, graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports A I Cuza, Iaşi.

Our colleague was a multiple medalist at the national and international athletics championships, a Balkan junior champion, but also a multiple national junior & senior champion.


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