Stomach kick (Balance, especially for “head/shoulders up” swimmers) (Drill 1)

pay attention

position of the body

1. Try to relax, slowly exhaling while your head is under water helps. 

Head: Neutral to down. Experiment with head position to bring feet to surface.

2. Use buoyancy (downhill swimming and head position) to bring feet to the surface, NOT a more powerful kick.

Arms: Both arms held loosely at your sides.


3. Point your toes and relax your ankles.

Legs: Toes pointed, ankles relaxed. Boil the water on the surface, no big splashes. Small kick.

4. Breathing: slowly turn your head and one shoulder to the side and breath. Lifting your head to breath causes your legs to sink and is counterproductive to the drill. 


Remarks: Imagine that you have a float in your chest. Push down on this float to bring your feet up. Use this downhill swimming technique and head position to bring feet up, NOT a harder kick. Buoyancy vs Power.