Right Side Kick/Left Side Kick (Balance, especially for “extended arm drops” swimmers) (Drill 2)

pay attention

position of the body

1. Relax, exhale slowly under water.

Right Side Kick: Kick on your right side, with right shoulder pointed to the sky. Left side kick, opposite.

2. Kick on your side, shoulders perpendicular to pool bottom. 

Head: Relaxed, underwater, look at the side of the pool. Advanced it to look at the bottom, but be sure to maintain vertical shoulders when on your side: shoulders perpendicular to bottom of the pool.

3. Lead hand extended, try resting ear on your shoulder. Try resting trail hand either on your thigh, or even put it behind your thigh. This will pull your top shoulder back a bit and help maintain perpendicular shoulder. 

Arms: Left arm extended, right hand rests on left thigh. Left side kick, opposite.

4. Limit width of kick to the tube created by your body.

Legs: Toes pointed, ankles relaxed. Keep width of kick within "tube" created by your body: relatively narrow.


Breath: Take a small sculling motion with right hand and roll head easily to breathe. Exhale slowly and smoothly.

Remarks: Keep shoulders perpendicular to pool bottom. "Point belly to the side of the pool." Relatively narrow kick. Smooth breath by rolling your head up to the sky.