6-1 Transition (Combines Balance with Hip Turn and Stroke, side positions only) (Drill 4)

pay attention

position of the body

1. Same as side kick, but…

Head: Relaxed, underwater, look at the side of the pool. Advanced is to look at the bottom, but be sure to maintain vertical shoulders when on your side: shoulders perpendicular to bottom of the pool.

2. Switch sides every six kicks. When rolling from one side to the other, pull naturally with the lead arm. 

Arms: Left arm extended, right hand rests on left thigh. Pull with left arm to initiate roll, right arm return over the water to Left Side Kick position.

3. Try to think of recovering the trail arm along the same plane form by your shoulders. In other words, don't swing it out to the side, but instead recover it over the water along the line formed by your body. 

Legs: Toes pointed, ankles relaxed. Keep width of kick within "tube" created by your body: relatively narrow.

4. "Point your belly to the side."

Breath: Breathe when you pull and roll to alternate side. Exhale slowly and smoothly.

5. Breathe AFTER you have completed the switch and are back into position. If you try to breath while you are making the switch, you will lift your head and your hips will sink. 


Remarks: Keep shoulders perpendicular to pool bottom. Relatively narrow kick. Smooth roll from right to left and back again. Roll from the hips, as well from the shoulders. Think "Point belly to the side of the pool."